We Love Fenway and Hattie!

My son and I started a mother-son book club in December, and our very first book was “Fenway and Hattie” by Victoria J. Coe. As HUGE dog lovers, we absolutely adored reading from the dog’s point of view and had so much to discuss in comparing Fenway’s thoughts to how our dog, Max, might see the world. Upon hearing that the sequel would be coming out shortly after we finished FH #1, we immediately pre-ordered and started waiting anxiously for its arrival! We started reading “Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang” right when it showed up on release day, and just finished reading it yesterday. Here is the review of it that I posted on Goodreads:

My son and I read this together and loved it as much as the first FH book! The dog’s perspective makes it a unique look into our furry friends’ minds and I definitely appreciate the “girls and baseball” story line. Strong adds for any elementary library and classroom, as well as for dog lovers of all ages.

I will be continuing to recommend this series to students in my elementary library for years to come – the love of dogs is certainly timeless.

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