New Bookshelves and My TBR

Is there anything better than a brand-new bookshelf just waiting to be filled? My husband made me love him even more than ever when he came home yesterday with 2 nice bookshelves that he got for $12.50 each at an auction – WIN!

I am now able to get my entire TBR collection off the floor, as well as all of my ARCs from publishers. We also moved things around so I can have a cozy reading nook by the shelf.

And with the other shelf, we created a special library book shelf – I’m in love!

Have you read any of the titles on these shelves? I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Find me on Goodreads for ALL of the middle grade, YA and adult books I read. All of my picture book reviews are on my Instagram ~ would love to see you there as well! If you haven’t been following my book reviews, catch up here!

7 thoughts on “New Bookshelves and My TBR

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