20 Facts About Me

I was tagged on Instagram by the lovely Stacey of Prose and Palate for a meme – 20 Facts About Me. I figured I’d share my answers here my blog friends could get to know me too!


Here goes:

*1* my real name is Kate, NOT Katherine
*2* I’m 36 years old
*3* I live in Wisconsin, and have my entire life except for a brief stint in Colorado in preschool
*4* I am married and have been for 12 years
*5* I have 3 kiddos (11, 10, and 5)
*6* I love my border collie Max (my 4th baby)
*7* I am a school librarian
*8* I used to be an accountant (briefly)
*9* I used to be a business education teacher (briefly)
*10* I used to be a special education teacher
*11* I used to be a Title I reading teacher
*12* I have gone back to school 4 times since completing my BS in Business
*13* I would eat popcorn and an apple with peanut butter for dinner every night if I could (i.e. if I didn’t have to attempt to make a meal for my children)
*14* I am a introvert and avoid crowds and small talk whenever possible……
*15* …….but when coerced to leave the house, and with the right people, I have a lot of fun
*16* I would rather be outside at all times
*17* I live on a hilltop at the end of a mile-long dead end road in the middle of nowhere
*18* I hate wearing jeans or any kind of pants with real waistbands – I’m a legging and yoga pants fan!
*19* I used to be a runner and did the Chicago Marathon pre-kids – last year I did 3 half marathons (am now retired from running and walk a LOT!)
*20* I adore the book communities of the world – readers are my people!
If you want to join in here or on Instagram, please link or tag me so I can see your responses too!


One thought on “20 Facts About Me

  1. I am an introvert too, Kate, but I’d gladly make small talk, preferably book talk with you while walking our dogs outside :). I love that you live in the middle of nowhere, I wish I did too! And I am also a fan of crunchy peanut butter on apples. I often have that for lunch!


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