My Mug Addiction (and a discount code)

Hi reading friends!

As anyone who follows me on Instagram knows, I LOVE mugs. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. So, I reached out to an etsy shop owner (a shop with mugs that I LOVE, Maria of MariaBMakes), and proposed a partnership – she would let me pick a mug of choice to feature for you, and she’d give YOU ALL a discount code! Use code BOOKSRULE10 for a 10% discount! What a great deal for all of you!

(I make ZERO money when you buy a mug – this isn’t an affiliate code. I just wanted to share a discount code with you.)

Besides the adorable artwork on every mug, here’s what else I love: they are printed on both sides of the mug (the better to appreciate the design regardless of how you are holding it!), the design is seamless, and the mugs are thick and BIG. I like big MUGS and I cannot lie – ha!

See all the details in this Instagram post:

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☕️📚you all know I love mugs, right? I work HARD at that collection! One of my favorite places to find mugs is etsy, and one of my absolute favorite etsy shops is @mariabmakes ❤️Isn't this one adorable? And perfect for me? I have partnered with the shop owner to give all of YOU a discount at her shop – HOORAY 🎉 😍 use the link in her Instagram profile @mariabmakes to get to her shop and use the code BOOKSRULE10 for a 10% discount- easy as that! And when you buy one, please share a pic here and tag me on it so I can check out which one you picked…..I'll probably end up buying that one too 😉 Thanks to Maria for letting me pick a mug of choice for our partnership! P.S. I make ZERO money if you buy a mug 😊 – I approached her to get YOU a discount! #partner #ad

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And about that Instagram thing – what are your thoughts on how the posts appear on the blog? Does it work for you? How about if you are an email subscriber? I need your feedback, so please share in the comments! As I’ve said before, Instagram is my first love, and I desperately want to share all that I do here…………without spending a gazillion hours rewriting and uploading and such. Because remember, I don’t make a cent off this blog. And I have 3 kids. And a husband. And a dog. And a hedgehog. And a job that technically I’m not working at right now, but I still need to do lots of stuff for. Oh yeah, and a goal of reading a book a day. And writing a review for each book I read. That’s a lot. So linking Instagram posts I already spent a lot of time on here is a compromise I make sometimes!

So, your thoughts???? And what mug are you going to pick out???


5 thoughts on “My Mug Addiction (and a discount code)

  1. I have my favorite mug from when we lived in Berlin for a year during my husband’s first sabbatical–that’s the one I’m addicted to. Lots of good memories, and we bought it at Woolworth’s there no less, when there were none left here in the States!

    How is that little hedgehog??


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