Vacation Review: The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

Vacation reviews mean I’m not supposed to be blogging and should be back on the beach! No official descriptions or links – you know where to find all that, right?

This was a great beach read ~ I finished it in one long beach session!

Some books grab me right away and won’t let go, and this one certainly was that kind of book for me. I love books like this that are quietly suspenseful without being shocking and books with characters I just get right away. 

I connected instantly with Mary and her life of growing up way too early and having to do anything, ANYTHING, to keep her sister safe, fed and secure. While things she did were shocking, I understand her motivation completely. 

A tale of family, tragedy, and doing the absolute best you can when life is stacked against you. 

Highly recommend to readers of family drama. 

And my choice to read it while on vacation in the Gulf was perfect since a lot of important scenes in the book take place here!

So glad I chose this as one of my Book of the Month Club picks for June!

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