Review: Sweet Spot by Amy Ettinger

A perfect summer nonfiction read for foodies!

Sweet Spot: An Ice Cream Binge Across America by Amy Ettinger
(Dutton Books – July 11, 2017)

ALL THE ICE CREAM. I eat a LOT of this treat, and am currently of the “any ice cream is good ice cream” mindset – naturally I was ecstatic to win a copy of SWEET SPOT in an Instagram giveaway from @purewowbookclub.  I devoured it in two days and found that this book completely satisfied my need for both a history of the treat and a narrative on the makings of a discerning ice cream palate.
Ettinger writes with a surprisingly sharp pen as she describes the ice cream makers and their shops (and Milwaukee – give WI another chance please!), but given her super-sweet topic and extensive time doing research, perhaps this sharpness is a necessary antidote to all of that sugar.
I thoroughly enjoyed her detailed research and intrepid tasting experiences and highly recommend this book to nonfiction foodie readers – be prepared to need to eat LOTS of ice cream while reading, though!


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