Nonfiction Review: Animal Planet Chapter Books


As a school librarian, I am constantly on the search for the *perfect* nonfiction series for my libraries. Why a series? Well, then once I know I like the content, format, level, images, etc I know I can buy the whole set and add on as the series publishes new titles! That’s why I was so excited when I got these 2 new books from Animal Planet and Time Inc. for review – a new series to add to my tried-and-true list.

The Animal Planet Chapter Book series is geared toward ages 7-10, and the books take all of the features kids love in large format nonfiction – vibrant pictures, clear labeling, many text bubbles and sidebars – and package them in chapter book size hardcovers. The content is solid and the books include a table of contents, plus a  2-page resources section and an index in the back – all of which I value very highly and require in the nonfiction titles I purchase for my library.

These two titles Book #3: Bugs! and Book #4: Snakes! are going to be added to my elementary school library immediately, and I will be ordering the first two titles in the series as well – Book #1: Sharks and Book #2: Dinosaurs. In addition, I will actually be ordering all four of these for my middle school library as well – accessible high-quality non-fiction is GOLDEN when I find it and my almost-6th-grader loved these as much as my 5- and 10-year-old kiddos did!

Oh, and almost as important as my review is the stellar review these two books got in the July edition of School Library Journal – as an SLJ reviewer myself, I consider their reviews very highly when considering purchase for my libraries!

For my librarian friends: 

Here are the ISBN numbers for easy ordering – I know how valuable that is in Titlewave and such!

Bugs! (Animal Planet Chapter Books #3)
James Buckley, Jr
June 13, 2017

Snakes! (Animal Planet Chapter Books #4)
James Buckley, Jr
June 13, 2017

Thanks to Time Inc. for sending me finished copies for review – these will be donated to my school library collection. 





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