Making Time To Read

So, here is the question I get the very most from my bookish friends on Instagram:

How do you have time to read SO MUCH???

And here’s my dirty little secret……….I don’t HAVE the time. I MAKE the time. My best friend and I have had this conversation a lot about life in general and both agree on one thing. Saying “I don’t have the time for (insert hobby/chore, etc)” really and truly actually means, “I don’t want to make time for (insert hobby/chore, etc)”. It’s all about priorities, whether we’re talking about reading, exercising, cleaning, quilting, even sleeping! We make time for what we hold most important in our lives. Period.

I choose to make reading one of the top priorities in my life, and I totally understand that many people prioritize differently than I do! But they ASKED, so here it is!

How I Make Time for Reading

  • I get up at 4:45 so I have an hour of reading time in the morning
  • I refuse to parent after 8:30 PM (well, that’s overly dramatic, but I work VERY hard to make sure kids are in bed by then) so I can have an hour of reading time at night
  • If the house is quiet for whatever reason, I read. And when it’s not quiet, but no children, dogs or hedgehogs need my immediate attention.
  • I read in bed
  • I bring my book EVERYWHERE I GO so I can fit in little bits of reading
  • I read while I eat (if possible)
  • I read while I walk the dogs on my deserted road
  • AUDIOBOOKS! I listen while I walk, while I do chores, while I drive, while I quilt, while I shelve books at school. SO many opportunities!
  • I very rarely, if ever, watch TV
  • I put my phone in a different room while reading
  • I do NOT prioritize many other things because I’d rather read! That means that my standards for cleaning my house are lower than those of some other people, and I’m totally okay with that. I would rather leave a basket of laundry unfolded and have my reading time – that’s my choice!

What does this mean? It means that I am able to read so much because I sacrifice other things – namely sleep and a clean(er) house. If you are someone who would rather sleep, watch TV and have a spotless house, you’ll probably read less than I do. And that’s totally fine!

What are your tips for fitting reading into your life? I’d love to hear them!

19 thoughts on “Making Time To Read

  1. I enjoyed reading this post today and part of my reading time is reading bookish blogs such as yours. i don’t have many friends who read as much as me or prioritize books in their lives so your blog is a treat for me. I read every night before bed, making this a priority to help me sleep. I share your ideas about cleaning too. To get more reading time in for me, I also always take my kindle to my daughter’s choir concerts to read before her group starts as well as while she’s not on stage. It’s very relaxing to read while choirs are singing. I always take books to doctor and dentist appointments.

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  2. I read a ridiculous amount of books. It’s easier now that my children are in college, but I read in the margins (as Donalyn Miller calls it). I listen to audiobooks while I fold laundry, walk the dog, make dinner & anytime my hands are occupied but my brain is a little free. I also keep books available. I don’t really watch tv much so that is often the biggest difference between me & people who are astounded by the amount I read.


  3. I teach an hour away from where I live, and I’ve managed to get a few of my carpool members into audiobooks. If we don’t listen as a group, I listen on my own. I also tend to try to find audio, ebook, and physical copy for whatever I’m reading. The physical copy is so I can put it on display for my students, and the audio and ebooks are for any in-between moment. I listen while I’m shopping. I read off my phone while I’m waiting for something. Thankfully, my wife is also a reader, so she understands.

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  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing. None of my friends in real life like reading as much as I do either, so I was very excited when I just recently discovered The world of bookstagram and book bloggers such as yourself!
    My friends always ask me how I find so much time to read and, like you, I don’t watch TV at all and I don’t worry about my house being spotless. 😁 I recently got the idea (from another blog!) of reading at the gym in the mornings and can’t believe I didn’t think of that before. It motivates me to go to the gym and gets me an extra hour of reading in!

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  5. Totally agree with you. I’m young and don’t have responsibilities like kids. But I live far away from my parents, so every other weekend I have to go there and see them. I shared a house, so we have cleaning schedules. I exercise at least 3 times a week. I work from 8 am to 5 pm.
    I refuse to go for a dinner with friends because I rather stay at home and read. I also take my kindle with me everywhere. If there’s some downtime, I read. But I make time for everything I love or stuff that I just have to do, when I want to do it. Reading takes priority most times.

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  6. All of what you said! And I would add, I delegate as many tasks as I possibly can – and not just to family members. For example, instead of grocery shopping I will have someone deliver my groceries for me. It only costs $5 and provides me with more reading time every week. (And let’s be honest, if I go myself I spend more than $5 on impulse buys, anyway.) I try to outsource wherever it makes sense.


  7. YESSSSS. I find it ironic that a number of people who say they wish they could read as much as I do constantly comment on their latest Netflix binge 🙄 Being a fan of great television is totally fine, but you can’t complain about not being able to read as much as I do! I did go on a little advice giving/rant session about this a couple months ago – here are my tips 👍

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