Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

No traditional review of this one…..I just can’t. I got it at school at 11:40 am on release day and finished it at 6:25 pm and it BROKE. MY. HEART. 

It’s the most powerful and open book about mental illness that I have read, and it’s required reading for everyone, but especially those who don’t understand the intensity of OCD and extreme anxiety. It is unlike any of his other work, but it’s still funny and it’s still so so sad, but it’s also Green’s OWN struggle. 

Go read his interview with NYT and try to tell me you didn’t want to cry.
And if I see even ONE “but it’s not like TFIOS” whiny review…….don’t get me started. 

Read this book. Work through the discomfort. Honor his pain.

7 thoughts on “Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

  1. I loved TFIOS and have read and really liked all of Green’s books. I know I will definitely read this, but I just don’t think I can handle it at the moment. I have bouts of anxiety, and the dread is just bottomless and horrible. For me, it feels like I’m drowning and I literally cannot breathe, so I will have to find a time when I’m feeling a bit less fragile. Thank you for your thoughts, Kate!! ❤


  2. I’m not sure what annoys me more.. the “it’s nothing like tfios and I’m disappointed” or the “it’s the same as all his other teenage-emotional-trying-too-hard-characters”. Like are people blind to how many people relate to tatwd specifically because of how he portrays OCD???

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