Spooky October Kid Lit Books

Just a quick post today to bring you some of my favorite kid lit books that are spooky and perfect for October, but are NOT Halloween-specific. My school still allows little Halloween celebrations, but we do not do costumes or anything major and we have some families who request that their children not participate. My library does have a large Halloween collection, but I’m very sensitive of the community needs. Due to the fact that many families do not celebrate the holiday, it’s great to have a book selection that meets the needs of all kiddos!

Here are some new and old favorites, along with recommendations to the Twitter crowd! I’m linking to the Twitter conversation so you can follow all of the lovely people who made suggestions as well! I’ll be working on tracking down copies of the recommended titles that I don’t already have.

** The copy of Don’t Read This Book Before Bed was provided to me by a publisher for review and it is being donated to my library. All other titles were purchased for my library.

Screenshot 2017-10-16 15.27.19Screenshot 2017-10-16 15.27.05Screenshot 2017-10-16 15.26.40Screenshot 2017-10-16 15.26.19

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