Goodreads is My Reading Crutch

All I can say is……….thank goodness for Goodreads. Why? Well, I have officially reached the point in my reading life where I can no longer accurately remember if I have read a book based on title and cover alone much past a year. Especially if I read it on my Kindle.

That’s why, when BookSparks sent me a book recently for a pop-up blog tour, I got SO excited about it. I was like, WOW, I love this kind of book! Contemporary women’s fiction about a successful mom trying to find balance ~ that’s perfect for me! And after reading the description again, I’m like, HUH, this sounds like another one I read and liked – great!

And then I just went on Goodreads to mark it as Reading and saw I. had. already. read. it. In November of 2015. And I liked it then! It all started coming back to me…… was a fun, light read and I remember recommending it to someone.

But how embarrassing is that? And that’s the SECOND time I have done this recently. Essentially, if a book isn’t logged on Goodreads, it’s a hole in my memory. Yikes. I do find, however, that now that I am actually writing reviews of books I end up remembering them a lot more clearly, especially since I take photos and such.

Moral of the story: If you ask me if I have read a book, please forgive me when I pull out my phone to check. Goodreads is my crutch. And I’m going to have to be okay with that.

2 thoughts on “Goodreads is My Reading Crutch

  1. My mom, Grandma, and Aunt read a lot of mysteries and this has happened to them with books making the rounds between them. One of them will start reading and then realize, huh, this sounds awfully familiar… Sometimes they will keep reading if it’s been a really long time and they have a favorite phrase for these saying well, it’s “new again!” Lol Then there was the time my aunt turned to my grandma and said “oh yes, that one was so good wasn’t it?” And Grandma goes “I didn’t read it yet, you didn’t return it to the used bookstore already did you?” Oops!


  2. Your post today was helpful for me. I feel like this is a lesson learned for me. Right now, I log some of the books I read in Goodreads, but not all! I can see someone asking me if I’ve read “Title XYZ,” and having a log to check (on Goodreads) seems handy. Thanks always for your insight! I enjoy following you!


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