Most Memorable Books of 2017


You have absolutely NO idea how long I have agonized over this list.

And how many times it has changed. And here’s what I finally decided ~ it does not need to be a “BEST OF 2017” list, because what even is that? Who decides what’s best? And in what way? I decided to name it “Most Memorable” because that’s really what I was doing when I went back through all of the titles I read and reviewed this year. Which ones evoked the most emotion just by seeing the book cover? Which ones have I recommended to others numerous times over the past year? I noticed that I didn’t even rate them all 5 stars on Goodreads……..and who cares. I’m kind of sick of stars, anyway. Are they stars for the writing? The emotion evoked? The importance of the topic? Who cares!

Without further bookish angst, here they are. Categorized, of course! All published in 2017, and I didn’t include any series titles. You’ll note that I ended up with a nice strange number – oh well! And that they are ALL grown up titles because I decided not to rank kid lit in that way this year. And no reviews here because THERE ARE SO MANY!!! My reviews are on Goodreads, of course!

Here is the link to the Goodreads shelf so you can add them all to your TBR!

Disclosure: These books came from all different sources ~ Net Galley, Edelweiss, copies sent to me by publishers and authors, some I bought, some are from the library, some I borrowed from friends or won in a giveaway. The source of the book in no way made an impact on their inclusion in this list. 

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17 thoughts on “Most Memorable Books of 2017

  1. Kate, this is a great way to write this post that I know all of your followers will love! It’s a wonderful reminder of so many books that I meant to read, but missed during the year. This will definitely add to my TBR pile! Thank you so much!! – Susan


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  3. I’ll be doing a best of… posts in a week or so. As you say, it was torture to pick and write but I think I chose my faves and, as you also put, most memorable in the categories I picked.

    I really like how you grouped your images around your text. I’m gonna have to further check out some of these.

    Liked by 1 person

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