My Friends’ Most Memorable 2017 Reads


Whew! I have already shared 2 posts with MY most memorable reads of 2017 (here and here), and now it’s time for you to get some different perspectives……..from my fellow bookstagrammers!

What’s a bookstagrammer? Oh, just a person like me who obsessively shares photos of books on Instagram ~ I promise that it’s a real thing!

I asked 9 of my friends on Instagram to share their most memorable reads for the year and they joyfully agreed to participate. The majority of these titles were published in 2017 and the majority are adult titles. It was SO fun to see what these 9 reviewers picked in contrast to my lists, that’s for sure! Definitely some crossover among lists, but there were also some titles I have never heard of – one of which I have already purchased the audiobook of since seeing it on one of these lists!

If you’d like to mark all/some of these as TBR on Goodreads, you are in luck! Here is the Goodreads shelf for this collection!

Please click on each photo to go to that person’s Instagram account ~ their blog and other pertinent links can be found in their Insta profiles. 

~ Janelle from @shereadswithcats ~


~ Jessica from @jessicamap ~


~ Stacey from @prose_and_palate ~


~ Kate from @katereadsbooks_ ~ img_1454

~ Chandra from @wherethereadergrows ~


~ Madeleine from @topshelftext ~


~ Sara from @thereadingnixon ~


~ Kourtney from @kourtneysbookshelf ~


~ Jackie from @jackiereadsbooks ~



3 thoughts on “My Friends’ Most Memorable 2017 Reads

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