Last Book Stack of 2017!


Whew, these past few weeks have been CRAZY! And now that the new year is almost upon us, so is a whole new year’s worth of BOOKS to read! The publishing cycle has a major lull in November and December, which I very much felt in my reading and release calendar. However, I did definitely still read a bunch of great books during this time – I even got a chance to catch up on past releases as well.

I’ll be doing mainly eye candy here today ~ I’m a majorly visual person, and I’m hoping you are too! If not, head to Goodreads, etc to read the descriptions of all of these books, and head to my Goodreads and Instagram to read my reviews!

Above and below you can see my TBR pile for this coming week, and ALL of these release on January 2nd! The Women in the Castle was released in hardcover earlier in the year, but the paperback release is the 2nd. All of these are adult titles, with the exception of Someone to Love. Thanks a million to all of the publishers for sending these to me for review ~ they have definitely found a good home with me!


And, since I have been away from this space for a bit, here is what I have been up to in my bookish life ~ for more on these titles/pictures, head to my Instagram to check them out! There are also posts there about my (lack of) goals for 2018 and my big master plan for a BOOK JOURNAL for 2018 – that one I’m crazy excited about.


AND, here is my release date calendar for the ARCs I have right now that release in January ~ it is INSANE and I already know I won’t get through them all pre-release or even this month. I may need to hire a team 😉 As you can see, January 9th might blow up everyone’s book budget for the entire year – goodness gracious!


Okay, now off to finish my current read……I would love to hear your most anticipated titles of 2018 in the comments here, or shout them out to me on Twitter ~ I’m @theloud_library there!

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