January 9 2018 Adult Releases


First of all, have you seen all of my work regarding authors and social media this week? If not, head on over to my new page dedicated to JUST this!

Thanks to the publishers for providing me with free review copies of these books!

Now, about this book stack. Nope, I’m not even calling this a TBR pile for the week, because REALLY??? They ALL release on January 9, 2018 and they are ALL on my bookshelf! This pile of books is amazing, but not even I can get through them all in 7 days! I am giddily excited about ALL of them, though and can’t wait to read them soon and share reviews with you.

Here are the covers and links to them on Goodreads:



In addition, here are some of my recent reviews on Instagram ~ head on over there to check out what I’ve been up to! Reviews are on Goodreads too, of course.


In addition to ALL of the books above being released on January 9th, there is also the paperback release of THIS fabulous book I loved in 2017:


And these two wonderful cookbooks that I received for review from Abrams as part of Abrams Dinner Party also release on the 9th! It’s the mother of all release days, it seems!


Okay, now off to READ!

Are we connected on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter? If not, let’s fix that!

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Instagram ~ @theloudlibrarylady
Twitter ~ @theloud_library

2 thoughts on “January 9 2018 Adult Releases

  1. I’m so excited for so many of these! One of the reasons (to link this into your fabulous articles about authors and social media) is because I’ve already been ‘introduced’ to many of these titles on Instagram otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard of any of them. The Immortalists and When are both high up on my TBR, I look forward to seeing all of your reviews!

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