Adult Releases Jan 16 2018


Thanks a million to publishers for these free review copies! Red Clocks was loaned to me by another reviewer friend who received it from the publisher.

These titles all release on January 16th!

Yet again, another week of a TON of great books being published!  Or, at least great for ME, since I carefully curate which review titles I receive…….I’m sure there are a million other books being released too, but they just aren’t in my genre sweet spots. In this collection, however, there really is a little bit of everything ~ Historical fiction, contemporary fiction, nonfiction about pregnancy and nonfiction about conservation, a memoir, and dystopian!

Here are the covers and the Goodreads link ~ I’m so excited to dig into these! And don’t forget to stay tuned to my Goodreads and Instagram for my reviews.




Goodreads Links

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