No Single Book Defines Me

No single book defines me

I just inhaled a book between last night at 8 pm and this morning at 8 am and haven’t stopped raving about it since.

It’s a romance. And it’s written around the songs of a country/pop artist. And all the characters are White. And it’s COUNTRY. And it’s sappy and sentimental and sometimes overly dramatic. And I ADORED IT. Oh, and it’s also self-published.

Earlier this week I read and raved about another romance…….this time with a Black asexual female protagonist dating a male of Japanese descent.

And just before that I raved about a nonfiction book about milk and cows in India by a female Indian author.

The absolute ONLY thing these books have in common is that they have a female author…..but then I’ll throw that out the window too by reminding you that I am also reading War and Peace a chapter per day this year. And that’s by an old White Russian guy.

What does this tell you about me? It tells you NOTHING. Except. It does tell you this…….it tells you that I have an open reading mind. It tells you I am multifaceted. It tells you I’m up for almost anything and won’t be pigeon-holed.

It tells you I want to be WOW-ED by the books I read and want to learn and grow and FEEL when I read. My visceral reactions to some books surprise even ME sometimes – some books hit me hard in spots I didn’t even know existed.

None of these books define me on their own. But together? Together they show the world that I won’t be defined by a genre. I am not a book snob and I won’t reject a book based on its premise simply because it doesn’t fit the mold of what I “should” be reading. If you don’t love the books I love, that’s totally okay. But I won’t hold back to try to fit anyone’s idea of what “well-read” looks like.

I am here for the stories. ALL of the stories.

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4 thoughts on “No Single Book Defines Me

  1. It’s so refreshing to hear that! I tend to get swept up in the “what’s everyone else reading” tide; when all I want to do is read what I want (which, unfortunately makes me a poor book club member). Thank you for the “pep-talk”, so-to-speak; makes. me, and I’m sure others, permission to read for the what they love! Bravo, Kate

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