Adult Releases Jan 16 2018

Thanks a million to publishers for these free review copies! Red Clocks was loaned to me by another reviewer friend who received it from the publisher. These titles all release on January 16th! Yet again, another week of a TON of great books being published!  Or, at least great for ME, since I carefully curate … Continue reading Adult Releases Jan 16 2018

Disclosure Guidelines for Book Reviewers

UPDATED on May 16, 2018 with this email from one of my publishers: Hi bookstagrammer, I have some updates about our current disclosure rules. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) here in the US has been getting more and more aggressive in recent months with cracking down on social media influencers and the brands that partner … Continue reading Disclosure Guidelines for Book Reviewers

The Best Faculty Meeting Ever

I'm fairly certain I have NEVER said this before, but it really, really was. Today's faculty meeting at my elementary school was the best one EVER. Know why? Because we talked about BOOKS for the majority of the time! Last summer, I had the opportunity to go to NerdCampMI (amazing experience!!) and managed to snag … Continue reading The Best Faculty Meeting Ever

My 2018 Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

I absolutely LOVE the start of a new year! Time to try new things and challenge myself in new ways ~ and yes, these can be done at any time, but the start of a new year is my favorite time to do so. One of the things I have been doing in recent years … Continue reading My 2018 Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

January 9 2018 Adult Releases

First of all, have you seen all of my work regarding authors and social media this week? If not, head on over to my new page dedicated to JUST this! Thanks to the publishers for providing me with free review copies of these books! Now, about this book stack. Nope, I'm not even calling this … Continue reading January 9 2018 Adult Releases

First KidLit Book Round Up of 2018

Friends, I honestly don't remember December. I know I had a lot of meetings, there were some basketball tournaments and concerts, I was sick for half of it and the kids (and dogs) were sick the other half, there was a holiday in there, etc. Suffice to say that I didn't do a December Picture … Continue reading First KidLit Book Round Up of 2018

Dear Authors ~ Part 2

Dear Authors ~ Wow, who knew so many of you wanted/needed advice on engagement? The response to yesterday's post has been surprising to me, so I'm sacrificing my 5 am reading time to pound out Part 2 right away. Before I head into tips, though, I just want to say that I was absolutely serious … Continue reading Dear Authors ~ Part 2

Dear Authors – Let’s Chat About Engagement

Dear Authors, I wrote something on Twitter recently that seems to have been popular with the author world, so I thought I would expand on it a bit. I am a reader, a librarian, and a book reviewer. I am very active on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter. I consider myself to be at least a … Continue reading Dear Authors – Let’s Chat About Engagement

LGBTQIA Recommendations

Long story short, I realized that the vast majority of my grown up reading has been books with male/female romantic relationships. I read WAY more diverse middle grade and YA titles than I do adult, so I reached out to my bookish friends on Instagram for recommendations of books with main characters who identify as … Continue reading LGBTQIA Recommendations