My First STARRED Review in School Library Journal

This is a big deal to me as a reviewer! And now my review for AMERICAN PANDA by Gloria Chao is finally online, so you can all read it, even if you aren’t an SLJ subscriber!


Here’s how the process works, if you are curious:

  • I get an email saying I’ve been assigned a review title
  • I wait anxiously for the book to appear in my mailbox
  • I read it very carefully and subjectively
  • I review it and submit my review using SLJ’s software
  • For this review, I made the recommendation that it receive a star, and this decision is then officially made by the editors of SLJ

BUT, in those last 2 steps, I don’t share online that I’m reading it at ALL and don’t make any contact with the author on social media at all until AFTER the review is published. And even then I can’t share my full-text review since it is the property of SLJ. BUT since this one was published online, now the world can see it and I can share it. Yay!

I get a wide array of books to review, so getting one that I thought was worthy of a star was a really big deal to me, and something that I take very very seriously.

I do hope you’ll check out my review!

Please note that I am in no way promoting a BOOK here, I am simply promoting my review of said book. Given that I deemed it worthy of a star, obviously I liked it, but I am simply sharing a piece of my writing with you. I take my impartiality as a reviewer for SLJ very seriously and do not ever mix my personal reviewing or promotion of books with my SLJ work.


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