A Quick Lunchtime Reading Recap

I have exactly 10 minutes for a blog post this week ~ ready set GO…….

If you want an update on my reading journal, head over to this Instagram post.

Here is what I have been reading over the past 2 weeks ~ if I show them here, I recommend them! And no links because only 10 minutes.

Adult Titles

  • Kitchens of the Great Midwest was an audiobook and one of my new very favorite books!
  • Summer Hours at the Robbers Library was a great literary/contemporary fiction story about a LIBRARY! Thanks to Harper Perennial for the review copy.
  • The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat) was a wonderful memoir – LOVED IT!
  • Left Neglected was the pick for the Diverse Books Club in February and I listened to the audiobook. It taught me a lot about a medical condition I had never heard of before.
  • Free Food for Millionaires was the February pick for the Words Between Worlds book club ~ I LOVED this book. Another one of my new favorites.
  • Check Me Out was a cute chaste romance about a LIBRARY – a fun read!


Middle Grade and Young Adult Titles

Oops, almost out of time, so just know these were all amazing and they were all provided by publishers for review. I highly recommend all of them!


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