New Releases for March 13, 2018 and MORE!

It’s another whirlwind blog post week!

Ready, set, GO!

Here are all of the fabulous review copies I have from publishers for March 13 releases! I have read 3 of them and am excited to read the rest.


Now for the 3 of the publisher-provided titles that I have already read and reviewed on Goodreads and Instagram – I recommend all of them, albeit to very different audiences.

First two young adult titles……



And then this GORGEOUS adult title (review copy provided by the author)……..nature and feminism and history. It’s a must-read fiction title for readers who want to slow down and connect with the natural world.


I also read this delicious book last weekend ~ I bought it on vacation last summer and have been hoarding it since……because before I even started it, I knew I wouldn’t want it to end! And I was right. Trigiani is one of my favorite authors, with her Valentine trilogy being my favorite of hers.


I also finished listening to THIS audiobook. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but ended up LOVING it!


And last week I finished one of my March 6 publisher-provided review copies (HMH Books) and loved it! It’s my first-ever read set in Sicily, and is the start of a new series that I’m excited to continue with.


AND, in future-release news, I have finished a HUGE project over on Instagram! If you want to stay up-to-date with all of the titles that I am excited about for current and coming months, check out my Story Highlights over on @theloudlibrarylady. All of my review copies are in there, organized by release month, and that’s where I will be featuring all of my book mail from publishers, as well as other titles I’m excited about. I have also done this for picture books and middle grade titles over at @littleloudlibrary.


Okay, that’s the quick and dirty version of my reading life over the past week or so, as always, stay tuned to Instagram and Goodreads if you are interested in more!

Are we connected on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter? If not, let’s fix that!

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