WEMTA 2018 Spotlight Speaker Presentations

The big event is here!


I am a Spotlight Speaker at the WEMTA 2018 Conference (aka WI state conference for librarians and ed tech peeps) and I will be presenting 6 different sessions over the course of the next 3 days! I’m sharing those presentations with all of YOU, with the understanding that they do NOT include everything that I’ll be covering during the sessions because 1) Good slide decks are supposed to be essentially launching points, NOT the full content and 2) there is definitely something to be said for actually being AT a session. These sessions are all intended to be highly interactive, and for all I know, may devolve (or evolve, depending on how you look at it!) into barely controlled chaos as everyone shares their own thoughts and experiences. And actually……..that might be the best thing ever! What better thing on earth than professionals actually getting to TALK to one another for once?

Oh, and there will be SO MANY books. I have an entire car full of books that I am bringing to show and share and let people peruse. My Kid Lit Exchange session will give everyone a sneak peek at so many forthcoming titles!

Here they are! Shoot me an email at theloudlibrarylady at gmail dot com with questions!

Oh, and don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter too!

AND, here are the actual sessions on Sched, if you are someone who will be at the conference.

Reading and Reviewing Children’s Literature with Kid Lit Exchange

Making Without Making Over Your Library or Classroom

Growth Mindset in the Library and Technology Environments

Staff Involvement in the School Library

Technology Expectations in the Classroom and Library

Putting Reading First in a Tech-Driven Environment

5 thoughts on “WEMTA 2018 Spotlight Speaker Presentations

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your presentations, Kate! They are amazing and so well done! I wish I could have been there to not only see the presentations, but also to participate in and to hear the discussions. I was especially interested in the maker spaces slides (great Ted Talk!) and putting reading first. Some time I’d love to hear about the responses of the attendees! – Susan

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