Newish Releases for March 27, 2018

Okay, people. I definitely learned my lesson now about release dates and the complete and utter fluidity of them! So today’s book stack is a made up of books that were SUPPOSED to release this week but maybe released last week or maybe next week or maybe in August……..ha!

I received all of these from publishers, with the exception of THE ROOM ON RUE AMELIE, which I received from a reviewer friend. 


Here are covers and Goodreads links:



Goodreads Links:

And a little catch-up on my reading life over the past week!

A fabulous new romance series ~ YAY!


A delicious edgy foodie story set in Chicago……..copy provided by publisher


An audiobook I LOVED but definitely lived up to its title! This was the Reese Witherspoon book club pick for the month and it was fabulous.


And finally, a book that was recommended by a guest on Top Shelf Text and that I just LOVED so so so much. One of my new all-time favorites.


Have a great rest of your week! I hope you manage to find some time to READ!

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