New(ish) Releases for April 3, 2018 and more!

Okay, let’s all ignore the fact that it’s APRIL and we have a Winter Storm Warning in effect where I live – I’m ignoring ALL OF THAT NONSENSE. All of it. There truly are some things in life that will disappear if you ignore them, and snow in April is one of them. Right? Okay, moving on.


Thanks a million to the publishers for sending me these review copies!


Again with the disclaimer that if a publisher went and changed a release date on me without telling me, at least I tried!

Here are the covers and Goodreads links so you can hunt these puppies down……and yes, I took these pics outside before the snow started, and yes, I’m stepping on that book to keep the bitterly cold wind from blowing it away. Wisconsin is cruel.



Goodreads Links

Do you care about these links? I’d love some feedback in the comments on whether or not I should keep including them!

And here’s a round up of what I have been reading!

Full reviews on Goodreads and Instagram!

(PERENNIALS) An audiobook that has a delightful and soft Southern feel…….


(HOME FIRE) This one just WRECKED ME. A book about a tough topic written in a complete page-turning fashion. It’s a MUST READ.


(84, CHARING CROSS ROAD) A new ALL-TIME FAVORITE that I already want to buy for everyone I know. And some more copies for myself.


(THE DINNER PARTY) A perfect story of family set at a Passover Seder, but about way more than just a holiday meal. Highly recommended!


And my reading stats for the year so far! You can see my reading journal updates in my story highlights on Instagram too.


Oh, and did you miss my exciting news yesterday??? If so, head on over to check it out!

Okay, have a fabulous week ~ if there is snow by you, just don’t look at it and eventually it will disappear – tried and true strategy, my friends. And if you are someone who doesn’t let weather impact your mood……I don’t think I understand how that works?

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9 thoughts on “New(ish) Releases for April 3, 2018 and more!

  1. I read 84, CHARING CROSS ROAD this month as well! It is a great audiobook, only about 2 hours and so well read between the various actors who fill the roles. I was wrecked at the end, and already want to listen to it again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just wanted to stop in to say that I really like the quick access to Goodreads links! I use them all the time on various blogs when I want to read more about a book or mark it “want to read.” So thank you for going to the extra trouble!


  3. 84 Charing Cross Road has been on my keeper shelf for many years, Love it! Also did you know there is a lovely movie version from some years ago with Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins?

    Liked by 1 person

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