New Releases for May 1, 2018 and MORE!

YAY! It’s MAY! And it’s warm and the grass is growing and the birds are chirping and I’m just ecstatic about all of that! Oh, and these BOOKS! Three of them release today and The Seasonaires releases on May 2, 2018.  More about these and my recent reads are below…..

Thanks a million to the publishers for sending these books to me early so I could shout about them from the rooftops……


Goodreads Links (** denotes I have read already)


And here is what I have been reading lately!

Thanks to publishers for the review copies!


The Husband Hour will surely be on every single one of my spring reads, summer reads and beach reads round ups this year! I adored Brenner’s last book The Forever Beach and loved this one as well.


Delicious and sweet, A Nantucket Wedding is a wonderful story of beach and family, with the wedding more of a culminating event than the theme of the entire book. I loved this book and highly recommend it if you are looking for a fast easy summery read.


If you are looking for a fun read set in a great British location, The Oxford Year is it! The has a very interesting genesis (screenplay first, added to by this author, THEN adapted into a book!), and while the romance factor in the story didn’t hit me as hard as I expected it would, the location more than made up for it.


Books Can Be Deceiving was my latest audiobook finish and I fell in love with this library cozy series! I can’t wait to dig into the rest of the books, and have already used an Audible credit to get the second book.

And some of my other Instagram moments from the week!


I dare you to disagree with this sentiment……..


In which I remind everyone of my love of BookPage, the book magazine found at public libraries for FREE!!!! FREE!!! Did I mention it’s FREE? If you head to my Instagram story highlights you can see all the books I got excited about in this May edition.

And finally, my updated reading stats now that April is completed!



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