New Releases for May 8, 2018 and MORE!

Whew! I’m back from a whirlwind school trip to Washington DC with my daughter – what an adventure! And now for yet another epic release day – just LOOK at all of these books! I have only managed to read two of them so far, but I promise I’m getting to the rest soon……

Thanks a million to all of the publishers for these review copies!


Goodreads Links and Covers
** denotes I have read already


AND, the paperback of Watch Me Disappear releases today as well! I’m running a giveaway (partnered with the author and publisher) for it over on my Instagram ~ head on over and enter! The giveaway is open through 5 am CST on May 9, 2018! I read this domestic suspense/thriller back in October (or was it September??) for the @saltwaterreads book club and really enjoyed it!


And here is what I have been reading lately……..


An amazing first book in a YA historical fiction series, Stalking Jack the Ripper absolutely blew me away. I have the second book in the series sitting on my desk at school and already have an ARC of book 3 sitting in my basket at home! Be warned, though – these books are BLOODY.


Limelight is a great book about motherhood, NYC and Broadway – I absolutely loved it! Poeppel won my heart with her first book Small Admissions and I enjoyed this book just as much as that one. (publisher-provided copy)

Screenshot 2018-05-06 15.27.18

If you want a beach read a bit on the darker side, definitely pick up The SeasonairesIt’s a bit reality-show-esque and is a great mystery in a lush setting. (publisher-provided copy)

Screenshot 2018-05-07 15.23.03

The whole concept of all of us having one optimistic decade is fascinating to me, and this book is a smart and unique look at the idealist that lives in many of us. Set at a hippie summer camp in Colorado in the ’90s, The Optimistic Decade is a great choice for anyone who has ever had delusions of being able to change the world. (publisher-provided copy)

Screenshot 2018-05-06 15.28.46

(Fanning myself and blushing) Idlewild was my very first steamy male-male romance and it is DELICIOUS. Set in Detroit and there is a restaurant and all kinds of wonderfulness.


And this is my bookstack of “souvenir reads” from my trip to DC! Lots of fabulous HISTORY!

Oh, and if you missed my panda video from my trip, you can watch it right here!

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🐼 Highlight of the trip 🐼

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Also, I had a piece over on last week that I didn’t share here because I was computer-less and supervising a group of 6th graders in a large city – blogging wasn’t on the radar. Please do go over and check it out, though!


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