New Releases for May 22, 2018 and MORE!


Yay! My lilacs are in bloom! And we have more new releases to get excited about today! Covers and Goodreads links are below, and then a little round up of what I have been reading this week…….

Thanks a million to the publishers for sending me these complimentary review copies!


And here is the ACTUAL cover of CAMPAIGN WIDOWS ~ I ended up with an advance copy with the old cover (shown above), which I really liked too.


Goodreads Links (** denotes I have read already)

In addition, I have a digital galley of this one that also releases today! It is the second book in a series, with the first book being The Cafe By the SeaAND I actually just realized that, and already own The Cafe By the Sea, so I guess I’ll be reading that very soon so I can get to this one!


Reading Roundup from the Past Week

**the majority of these books were received free from publishers**


I adore Dot Frank, and this newest book of hers didn’t disappoint! By Invitation Only joins together two VERY different families, one from high society Chicago and one from a peach farm in Georgia to plan their children’s wedding. Such a fun and sweet book!


Amy Reichert has my heart! I LOVED this newest book of hers ~ The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go (like all of Reichert’s books) takes place in Eastern Wisconsin and I adore that. This one has a food truck storyline, along with grief, mothers and daughters and sisters and, naturally, learning to let go.


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Love. love. That’s how much I love Puddin‘ and the previous one in the series, Dumplin’. Body positive and fat positive and just FABULOUS.


Oh my goodness! Another wedding book for me, what a shocker! Adored this story of THREE sisters getting married in the same year and the ensuing family and romantic dramas. The Wedding Sisters is not Brenner’s newest book, but it’s one of my favorites!


I mean really. It was the royal wedding last weekend, so of COURSE I read this book to pre-game. And it was AMAZING. The Royal We somewhat emulates the romance between William and Kate, but it was a little spooky that it also closely matched a lot of Harry and Meghan too! Highly recommended even though we have now married off all of the princes.


Always Never Yours is a refreshing YA story that has a very sexually awakened female lead, and I love that she is never once shamed for OR ashamed of this.


I fell in LOVE with this book! I actually listened to it on audio after everyone and their cousin AND my husband told me to read it – the narration is simply amazing and I highly recommend experiencing the story in that format.  Beartown has my complete heart, and I can’t wait to dig into the 6.5.18 sequal Us Against You!


Trouble the Water is this week’s BookSpark’s Welcome to MargaREADaville #SRC2018 book and I totally inhaled it! It’s set in 1840’s Charleston, SC and has a fabulous antislavery, Underground Railroad storyline. Oh, and ROMANCE. It’s a really fast read.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about this newly released cookbook from Abrams! It’s my last one from Abrams Dinner Party, which I had such a blast being a part of this year. My daughter’s cookbook collection has expanded mightily with all of the free copies I was sent!


And then there is this…….purely for your viewing pleasure……his name is Booker and he does NOT like being a unicorn.


Last but definitely not least…… if you missed my piece on Frolic yesterday, please do go and check it out!


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