My new Google Forms Reading Log!

UPDATE 12.27.18 – Here’s the UPDATED VERSION of this form for 2019!

Hi friends! I’m breaking the hiatus for just a minute here – for ALL of my news, head on over to Instagram as usual. I’ve also been writing weekly at – if you have missed those, definitely go catch up!

Okay, making this post as short as possible so I can get back to reading and creating! Remember my book journal? Well, I’m still doing that, don’t worry. However, I have learned so so so much and made a lot of changes since January. If you are on Insta and want to watch a rambling 10 min IGTV video about my journal, head over to my profile to watch!

One of the main things I am realizing is that while I love the tactile nature of my journal and I love putting the picture stickers in it, I hate actually writing in it. I like the hashmarks and the visual depictions of my reading trends, but I don’t want to handwrite. At all. Therefore, I’m combining the best parts of my nerd brain and my pretty things brain and I have created a digital reading log in the form of a Google Form that feeds into a Google Sheet. It will allow me to sort and search and all kinds of nerdy stuff AND will provide me with monthly numbers that I can add to my reading journal so I can have it in there along with all of the pictures and such. I have created a homescreen icon of the form on my phone so I can use it just like Goodreads (which of course I’ll still be using for reviews!) – I created the header for the form specifically to look pretty on mobile 😉


This form and resulting spreadsheet will also help me create specifically curated book lists for recommendations and for the other outlets where I publish bookish content.

Okay, here are screenshots of the form for you to see – I can’t actually share the form itself with you here because I certainly don’t want you inputting YOUR books in it, do I? However, because I’m a giver, I WILL send you a copy of the form to adapt for your own use if you email me at – I do ask that if I send it to you and you use it in any way, that you give me credit in any blog posts or social media posts about it.



NOTE – I have already edited the form to make ebook and audio source NOT required questions, but I refuse to redo the screenshots here 😉


Please note: I really WANT data on the race (White vs POC) of authors I am reading, but I decided not to include it because I honestly don’t always KNOW the race of the author, and who am I to make that conclusion? It’s not like it’s right to Google an author photo and make a judgement on that, names don’t help and it just feels wrong to include statistics that might not be accurate. I include author gender because that can be found by pronouns used, and since I include an “other” for authors who prefer to use “they/their”, I feel safer keeping these statistics. In case you were wondering, a transgender author who identifies as female is listed as female and same for male.


No – that’s not a typo – it’s all about the multiple secondary characterS and it’s not possessive because the other one wasn’t and just back off grammar police.


And see there on the bottom row of the main screen? Just like an app! I’ll be entering the majority of these on my phone since I hate pulling my computer out for “fun” stuff like reading.


Okay, that was enough for today. Shoot me an email if you would like a copy of the form to edit for yourself! I’ll send you a copy, you will then MAKE A COPY OF IT to use as you wish, making sure to give me credit if you share about it anywhere.

Back to summer……..

8 thoughts on “My new Google Forms Reading Log!

  1. Nice. I’ve been using a Google spreadsheet all year. I tried a form, but I sometimes fill it out before I finish a book, so that didn’t work so well for me. I like the ability to create graphs from the information. Happy digital book journaling!

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  2. Yes!!! I’m a grade 6 Hunanities teacher who runs book clubs for grade 5-12 students. We spend first 15 minutes of class reading and/or book talking. This will be awesome! Kindly, Natalie Belli

    On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 7:03 PM The Loud Library Lady wrote:

    > theloudlibrarylady posted: “Hi friends! I’m breaking the hiatus for just a > minute here – for ALL of my news, head on over to Instagram as usual. I’ve > also been writing weekly at – if you have missed those, > definitely go catch up! Okay, making this post as short as poss” >

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