21 Books to Read Before the End of Summer on SheReads.com

Am I really on hiatus if I keep writing posts? Hmmmm, now that’s the question, isn’t it? I guess the answer is YES, since I’m not really reviewing here right now?

Anyway, today’s exciting news is my latest piece on SheReads.com ~ a giant round up of my favorite reads published this summer plus a few that are high on my TBR. Head on over there and read the list!

Also, in case you have missed this, my weekly column at Frolic.media is still going strong ~ all of my pieces are compiled on one handy page for you…….you’re welcome!

In other news…….

My dog is a sword-fighting unicorn. A tired one.


I’m on the launch team for THIS amazing bookpre-order now and get goodies! It’s out on September 4th. Oh, and I get to MEET ANNE BOGEL on Sept 2 – so excited!


Finally, a nod to the one who keeps me going……17 years in and I love him more than ever!



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