Crowdsourced Most Memorable Reads of 2018

It’s that time of year again!!! You’ll be getting numerous 2018 lists in the near future, but this one is one that I crowdsourced on Instagram through a Google Form. Readers could nominate any adult title they read in 2018 as their most memorable read of the year….and the response was wonderful!

Thanks a million to all of my Instagram book buddies who participated!

These titles were nominated by the most people:


And here are the runners up!


And I know you’ll want to see ALL of the titles that were nominated! You can view the responses in Google Sheets and/or click the below link to download a PDF.

Most Memorable Read of 2018 (so far) CROWDSOURCED – All Responses

I’ll be honest, I have only read 6 of the books shown above and have SO many I’m excited to explore from the expanded list. I’m usually most intrigued by those titles that I have never heard about!

If you still want to fit in some holiday reads, definitely check out my Holiday Reading List too! And in case you’re all ready to put 2018 behind you and move on to 2019, here’s my list of most anticipated reads of early 2019. Both of these are on

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If you want to stay up to date or catch up on ALL of my reads, find me at Instagram and Goodreads!


7 thoughts on “Crowdsourced Most Memorable Reads of 2018

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