Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018


You all know I adore listening to audiobooks, and along with Sudio (#partner – thx to them for the amazing new Bluetooth ear buds shown throughout the post!), I’m now gifting to you my 20 favorite listens from the past year.

I’m WAY pickier about audiobooks than I am paper or digital books, so if I say an audiobook is a favorite, it’s because the narration enhanced the story to the point that I undoubtedly enjoyed the book more via audio that I would have by reading it with my eyes.



If you want to stay tuned to ALL of my audio experiences, definitely check out the Audio story highlight on my Instagram profile and my audiobook shelf on Goodreads!

You can download the books shown above as a list or view it in a Google Sheet as well.

DOWNLOAD PDF – Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018

And here are my favorite audiobook services, because audiobooks are a littler harder to get our hands on than paper books. These are the best of the best!


If you are needing a gift for the holiday or want to treat yourself, definitely check out the Sudio line of headphones and earbuds – I’m highly impressed by the quality of the Tre line that they sent me. After trying these, I may finally throw away my gazillion pair of cheap wired earbuds! Thanks to the company for gifting to me a pair to try out!



If you still want to fit in some holiday reads, definitely check out my Holiday Reading List too! And in case you’re all ready to put 2018 behind you and move on to 2019, here’s my list of most anticipated reads of early 2019. Both of these are on SheReads.com.

Don’t forget to check out the Crowdsourced List of Most Memorable Reads of 2018!

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