Friends’ Most Memorable Reads of 2018

IT’S HERE!!! My absolute favorite project of the year! I selected a completely new group of my reading friends from Instagram this year and asked them for their 10 most memorable reads of 2018. PLUS, I asked them to give me three words that describe them as a reader, and as you’ll see, that guideline went a bit to the wayside because……..adults 😉

Anyway, this is an incredibly diverse group of readers and I can’t wait for you to see what they picked! There truly isn’t much overlap, and there’s seriously something for (almost) everyone.

And don’t forget to check out my friends’ lists from last year as well – so many good ones that you’ll most likely be able to get easily from the library now or in paperback!


When you’re done perusing, I’d love for you to come on over to Instagram and chime in with which of these readers you are most alike in your book choices! And definitely give all of these folks a follow over there too!

As a holiday present to you, I am also giving you these options to interact with the lists:

Goodreads list of all of the books shown

DOWNLOAD Friends’ Most Memorable Reads of 2018

@definitelyRA (RA)


@jackiereadsromance (Jackie)


@afomaumesi (Afoma)


@bklnbooks (Larissa)


@owlslittlelibrary (Diana)


@beingabookwyrm (Bezi)


@the_grateful_read (Katie)


@shelfbyshelf (Hunter)


@leighkramer (Leigh)


If you still want to fit in some holiday reads, definitely check out my Holiday Reading List! And in case you’re all ready to put 2018 behind you and move on to 2019, here’s my list of most anticipated reads of early 2019. Both of these are on

Don’t forget to also check out these roundups:

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