My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

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Friends, I shared with you a lot this past year about my different attempts at book logs. From paper to tech, I tried various and somewhat elaborate things.


And the one that worked and I fell in love with and want to use forever is my tech version. I’m sorry, paper – I tried. I did! I crafted and wrote and carted it around, but the one that I’ve slightly adapted for 2019 is my Google Forms Reading Log that feeds into a Google Sheet.


It lives as a homescreen icon on my phone (above – in purple) so that I can use it like an app to enter my books. More photos of the actual form below. 

I also enter my books on Goodreads, but that’s not where I scrape the data and track my series and do the DEEP book logging. Data nerds know there’s a difference, FYI.

I’ll be sharing all of my 2018 stats with you soon, since I still have days of reading left, but just know for now that this version of tracking my reading has made me so much more conscientious as a reader. It made me seek out books by a more diverse range of authors. It made me slow down my reading. It made me think hard about buying new books. I truly think it has made me a better reader.

Now………..wait for it………..

The VERY BEST ADAPTATION for 2019 is that I’m straight up gifting to you a link to my form so you can use it too! The link (below) will force you to copy the form and of course you’ll have to make serious adaptations since mine was made by me for me and only me. Do with it as you wish! Go nuts. Please comment below letting me know if you decide to use it – I’d love to hear!

Please know that you’ll need to make any and all adaptations to the Google Sheet you feed into – that is NOT created for you. I’m sorry to say that I can not provide tech support for this and if you email or contact me requesting help, I will most likely not be able to respond. You need spreadsheet and formula knowledge to make the magic happen.

NOTE: I do require that if you share about your reading log created from this template on social media or your blog that you credit and tag me with one or all of the following:

@kate.olson.reads on Instagram
@kateolsonreads on Twitter

Link to Kate Olson’s 2019 Reading Log for you to adapt

Here are screenshots of the form so you know what I have included:














I learned a lot from my first year logging like this, and made the changes from version one to make this the best possible form for ME. If you decide to use it, you’ll find that different things are important to you as a reader, and I’m sure you belong to different book clubs and are participating in different reading challenges, etc. Change as needed!

I hope 2018 treated you well and that you’re excited about reading in 2019 as I am!

If you’re wanting to build a mega-TBR for 2019, here are some suggested places to start:

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14 thoughts on “My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

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  3. So this post actually led me to your older post from last year with your paper journal and I absolutely fell head over heels for it! 😀 I love how you formatted the journal with its categories; its totally inspired me to rework my own book journal for the upcoming year! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  4. I did something similar this year, and it’s been really interesting to track my reading stats. Is AOC author of color? If so, with radials, what if you have an author of color who is also LGBTQ+? Just curious about how you’d code that. Happy reading!

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