While you grew up on Harry Potter, I grew up on these

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est. 1980

For context, see all of my thoughts on this in my Instagram stories highlight titled “HP outrage fuel” and see the review below for what started the mass of curses being put upon me.

I love what J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter have done for children’s literature and generations of readers. But reading them isn’t right and not reading them isn’t wrong.

If you’re sitting there judging me and my club of “never or late or slow HP readers”, go read all of the above titles AND their accompanying series. Go on. Oh wait, you’re not interested? GASP!!! See what I mean. And before you @ me in fury, go. watch. my. Instagram stories. highlight. for. context.

Also, upon reflection, one thing I said in my stories is apparently wrong – seems I did like fantasy in my middle grade (8-12) years! When I was compiling this I realized that there were multiple worlds of magic that entranced me then.

If you’re still judging me, check yourself. Someone messaged me that she’s been secretly judging her school librarian for never reading HP and now she’s rethinking that. And I’m glad. Book judging is wrong. Knock it off.

Read in peace my friends. I’m currently working my way through book 5 one chapter a day.

2 thoughts on “While you grew up on Harry Potter, I grew up on these

  1. I am a middle school librarian, and like you, I have not read the entire Harry Potter series. I read the first three quickly in my late twenties, and then four and five as soon as they were published. But 6 and 7 were not published for a bit, and since I always planned to read the series to my own children, I just figured I’d need to re-read 1-5 before tackling 6 and 7. And although I’ve read the first HP book to all my girls, they have continued with the series on their own and I haven’t felt compelled to do the same. I love realistic fiction and historical fiction and non-fiction so although I liked HP, I didn’t love it. And my childhood was filled with books that I have so many memories of reading: all of Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary, the Babsyitters Club, The Girls of Canby Hall, the Sunfire Romance series…..not so much fantasy.

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