2018 Reading Stats


So, it’s finally time. Time to dig through all my reading numbers from the past year……….

It’s the whole reason for my Google Forms Reading Log after all!

Screenshot 2018-12-31 07.50.05

Honestly, a lot of these surprised me and make me squirm. I am a very, very different reader now than I was in January 2018, and I know my stats in 2019 will be different. I have pretty complicated feelings about a lot of these numbers, but I’m just going to leave them to speak for themselves since my feelings about them certainly don’t change the reality. In some areas, my intentions and actual reading practices didn’t meet in the ways I thought they would, and I need to work through why that was.

I have decided I am making NO public reading goals for 2019. The above numbers, however, will definitely be in mind as I am choosing the books that I read.

If you’re wanting to build a mega-TBR for 2019, here are some suggestions!

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