Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Finished it in a day. I was at the tipping point and this pushed me over the edge.


Made some massive changes. Immediately.

I love how the book doesn’t focus on a prescriptive plan, but instead gives guidance and trusts that if the reader is invested, she will do what is best for herself and with the best intentions toward the core of the book and author’s philosophy:

  • Deleted all news apps from my phone
  • I haven’t had Facebook or Twitter apps on my phone in a LONG time, but can no longer check them in browser on phone
  • No NetGalley or Edelweiss on my phone
  • Can’t purchase anything using my phone
  • Filtered all newsletters and etc out of my inboxes – I can read them when I want to but they won’t demand immediate attention
  • Instagram – keeping as my book diary and to find new recommendations, BUT:
    • No posting to or watching stories
    • Can only post 1 thing in feed each day
    • Can only open app 1x/day – can use IG in computer browser as desired

The book discusses streaming video, but I already don’t watch almost any of that, so it wasn’t something I felt the need to eliminate. The only things left on my phone to browse are Goodreads and the weather app. Eliminating IG stories is the thing that gave me the hugest sigh of relief – as my account grew, this honestly became a source of major anxiety for me. I feel SO much better just since doing that yesterday.

Because THIS is why I need to be more aware and living more purposefully.


And yes, I recognize the irony in this. 

3 thoughts on “Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

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