News Literacy Presentation

News Literacy Presentation

I’ve been crazy hard at work this past 6 months with a library renovation, finishing up my master’s degree, working, mom-ing, you know – LIFE! But in the middle of all of that, I created this presentation for my district and also presented it last night for a local civic group. Thought I’d share it with the wider interwebs as well because as I said last night……I’m fairly petrified about the state of civic engagement heading into this election cycle. This is obviously just the bones of the presentation but as we all know, slide shows aren’t supposed to BE the presentation, but simply support it.

Enjoy! Share! LEARN – this is for regular news consumers as well as educators. It’s obviously the bare bones of my talk, but click all the links and use all the resources!

If you’d like a version that you can copy and edit, please email me directly at – I love to share, but I also love to know who I’m sharing with!

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