News Literacy Presentation

I've been crazy hard at work this past 6 months with a library renovation, finishing up my master's degree, working, mom-ing, you know - LIFE! But in the middle of all of that, I created this presentation for my district and also presented it last night for a local civic group. Thought I'd share it … Continue reading News Literacy Presentation

2019 YA Summer Reading Guide

It’s HERE! For all of you YA lovers, especially rom com and realistic fiction lovers, I created a “guaranteed to make you happy” reading list for the summer! (Sorry, fantasy fans, not much here for you, though) Oh, and there are graphic novels too! 2019 YA Summer Reading Guide Love From A to Z by … Continue reading 2019 YA Summer Reading Guide

A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

I don't want to write a book here, but I do want to do a truncated timeline. My recent step back from social media and screen time has cause a lot of reflection, and I have been trying to pinpoint when things changed for me, with a shift toward public online expression. Here goes: late … Continue reading A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Finished it in a day. I was at the tipping point and this pushed me over the edge. Made some massive changes. Immediately. I love how the book doesn't focus on a prescriptive plan, but instead gives guidance and trusts that if the reader is invested, she will do what is best for herself and … Continue reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Dear Authors: Stop Normalizing Disordered Eating

Dear Authors: When a book character is eating in a book, just let her eat. Eating is fuel and it’s healthy and it’s normal. Don’t subject readers to YOUR internal dialogue reflecting disordered eating that you have been brainwashed by diet culture into thinking is normal. Let your characters order food in a restaurant without … Continue reading Dear Authors: Stop Normalizing Disordered Eating

Diversify YOUR Reading, Not Just Your Kids’

The windchill where I live in Wisconsin is -55F right now, and I'm on my 3rd day of being housebound with 3 kids and 2 dogs - what better time to FINALLY write this post that has been percolating for weeks?? I have long been on a mission to diversify the shelves in my school … Continue reading Diversify YOUR Reading, Not Just Your Kids’

Buddy Read for Black History Month

Just popping in to invite you all to join in on a Buddy Read of the nonfiction title The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. Jamise (@spinesvines) and I are co-hosting a Goodreads group for this buddy read and are hoping for so many readers to join us! We … Continue reading Buddy Read for Black History Month

30+ Middle School Book Group Picks

I'm sharing this here because some of my Instagram followers have requested it! Earlier this week, my middle school ELA team requested the following, in correlation with their work with Curriculum Companion - a Wisconsin resource for CCSS. " unit they will be reading a variety of texts, forming an argument, and writing an argumentative … Continue reading 30+ Middle School Book Group Picks

My First Community Read

I'm so excited to be hosting my community's first ever community read in collaboration with my local public library branch! I'm sharing this here because I'm VERY excited about this, especially our "accompanying" titles. I know To Kill a Mockingbird is somewhat controversial, but we specifically chose it because it was the winner of the … Continue reading My First Community Read

2018 Reading Stats

So, it's finally time. Time to dig through all my reading numbers from the past year.......... It's the whole reason for my Google Forms Reading Log after all! Honestly, a lot of these surprised me and make me squirm. I am a very, very different reader now than I was in January 2018, and I … Continue reading 2018 Reading Stats