Spring Thaw 2018 Giveaway!

YOU GUYS!! Despite our epic and record-setting snowfalls here in the fickle state of Wisconsin, we are now finally in the glorious MUD SEASON! Which, for the unaware, is the fabulous time when snow melts and we all start wearing sandals because the temp hits 50 F. Never mind the fact we already HAD this … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2018 Giveaway!

New Releases for April 17, 2018 + MORE!

It's a light release week over here, and YES, there is still SO MUCH SNOW in Wisconsin. Honestly. The reason we all still live here is probably solely so we can talk about the insane weather throughout the entire year. Unseasonably warm in December, epic snowfall in April ~ I guess we don't get bored, … Continue reading New Releases for April 17, 2018 + MORE!

April Blizzard 2018 GIVEAWAY

I mean. I just can't even. How can we have a SECOND major snowstorm in APRIL??? Too much, my friends ~ this is TOO. MUCH. To distract myself, I'm giving away another huge pile of books ~ YAY! I have included the form here to make it super easy for you to enter! This giveaway … Continue reading April Blizzard 2018 GIVEAWAY

Library Love on Frolic ~ Celebrating All Things LIBRARY!

Today is National Library Workers' Day ~ go thank a worker at YOUR local library today! In honor of this, I am celebrating over on Frolic with a post about my favorite books featuring love in the the library ~ it's a very eclectic list and there's really something for every book lover. I would … Continue reading Library Love on Frolic ~ Celebrating All Things LIBRARY!

New Releases for April 10, 2018 and More!

I'm a day early with these this week since I have something else exciting planned for tomorrow ~ stay tuned! These books ALL release on Tuesday, April 10th (or were supposed to!) ~ another fabulous release week! Thanks a million to the publishers for the complimentary review copies! Here are covers and Goodreads links, followed … Continue reading New Releases for April 10, 2018 and More!

Huge Giveaway! April 7, 2018

Hi bookish friends! Just popping in to let you know I'm running a SEVEN BOOK giveaway right now, and because you were nice enough to pop over to the blog, you can enter right on this post! Scroll down and good luck! All books provided free by publishers for promotional purposes.

New(ish) Releases for April 3, 2018 and more!

Okay, let's all ignore the fact that it's APRIL and we have a Winter Storm Warning in effect where I live - I'm ignoring ALL OF THAT NONSENSE. All of it. There truly are some things in life that will disappear if you ignore them, and snow in April is one of them. Right? Okay, … Continue reading New(ish) Releases for April 3, 2018 and more!

5 Books to Read in April on Frolic

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have recently signed on to write bookish features for the new site Frolic and my very first piece is live today ~ 5 Books to Read in April for a New Beginning. Right now I have committed to 2 pieces per month, so stay tuned for all of them as they publish! … Continue reading 5 Books to Read in April on Frolic

Newish Releases for March 27, 2018

Okay, people. I definitely learned my lesson now about release dates and the complete and utter fluidity of them! So today's book stack is a made up of books that were SUPPOSED to release this week but maybe released last week or maybe next week or maybe in August........ha! I received all of these from … Continue reading Newish Releases for March 27, 2018

WEMTA 2018 Spotlight Speaker Presentations

The big event is here! I am a Spotlight Speaker at the WEMTA 2018 Conference (aka WI state conference for librarians and ed tech peeps) and I will be presenting 6 different sessions over the course of the next 3 days! I'm sharing those presentations with all of YOU, with the understanding that they do NOT … Continue reading WEMTA 2018 Spotlight Speaker Presentations