Book of the Month

What is Book of the Month? Oh, just my favorite book subscription club, that’s all!


Nope, I’m NOT a rep for Book of the Month, but I DO love them! I love that they push me out of my reading comfort zone and introduce me to new titles, and I especially love the gorgeous special editions that I hoard and keep on a special bookshelf.

And I love sharing my referral code because it works well for you AND for me – you get a great deal and I get a free book……..which is ALWAYS a win! Here is my referral link!

Join BOTM and then you can be a part of the awesome @bookofthemonth #bookstagram community on Instagram too – it is AWESOME! The #bookofthemonth tag is a great way to find fellow members.

I could go on and on, and I always do on Instagram, but that’s enough for here now! Hit me up if you have any questions!!

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