My First Community Read

I'm so excited to be hosting my community's first ever community read in collaboration with my local public library branch! I'm sharing this here because I'm VERY excited about this, especially our "accompanying" titles. I know To Kill a Mockingbird is somewhat controversial, but we specifically chose it because it was the winner of the … Continue reading My First Community Read

2018 Reading Stats

So, it's finally time. Time to dig through all my reading numbers from the past year.......... It's the whole reason for my Google Forms Reading Log after all! Honestly, a lot of these surprised me and make me squirm. I am a very, very different reader now than I was in January 2018, and I … Continue reading 2018 Reading Stats

Fifty Shades of CALM DOWN

(CONTEXT: I asked on Instagram in my stories in a poll if I should read Fifty Shades of Grey since I never had - and things BLEW UP.) Rating: 3 STARS Wow. I honestly thought reading Pride and Prejudice this year would be my literary accomplishment, but nope. This was it. The one I tore … Continue reading Fifty Shades of CALM DOWN

Friends’ Most Memorable Reads of 2018

IT'S HERE!!! My absolute favorite project of the year! I selected a completely new group of my reading friends from Instagram this year and asked them for their 10 most memorable reads of 2018. PLUS, I asked them to give me three words that describe them as a reader, and as you'll see, that guideline … Continue reading Friends’ Most Memorable Reads of 2018

Kate’s Favorite Reads from 2018: The Definitive List

Okay, that's that. I reached my max for book cover graphics per genre, but I'm still giving you the best gift of the season with this list. It's ALL of my favorite adult reads from the past year - almost 100 of them, separated by genre. DOWNLOAD "Kate's Favorite Reads of 2018"  Take it with … Continue reading Kate’s Favorite Reads from 2018: The Definitive List

Favorite Romances Read in 2018

Yes, ANOTHER list of favorites! I'm not sure if I'll be sharing ALL genres this year, or just highlighting a few and then linking to a list of the rest. We shall see! I couldn't skip out on the most fun genre in my reading life, though - it's the genre that brings me the … Continue reading Favorite Romances Read in 2018

Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018

You all know I adore listening to audiobooks, and along with Sudio (#partner - thx to them for the amazing new Bluetooth ear buds shown throughout the post!), I’m now gifting to you my 20 favorite listens from the past year. I’m WAY pickier about audiobooks than I am paper or digital books, so if … Continue reading Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018

Crowdsourced Most Memorable Reads of 2018

It's that time of year again!!! You'll be getting numerous 2018 lists in the near future, but this one is one that I crowdsourced on Instagram through a Google Form. Readers could nominate any adult title they read in 2018 as their most memorable read of the year....and the response was wonderful! Thanks a million … Continue reading Crowdsourced Most Memorable Reads of 2018

New Releases for May 29, 2018 and MORE!

It's a short work week, but NOT a short list of new releases! Oh, and it's my last week of school for the year too - YAY! I have already read one of these books and look forward to enjoying the rest of them over the summer ~ stay tuned here and my Instagram for … Continue reading New Releases for May 29, 2018 and MORE!

A Memorial Day Comfort Read on Frolic.Media

Hello, bookish friends! I'm sharing my thoughts about Memorial Day and a comfort read recommendation on today ~ please do join me over there! If you have missed any of my other Frolic pieces, why not check those out too?