My First Community Read

I'm so excited to be hosting my community's first ever community read in collaboration with my local public library branch! I'm sharing this here because I'm VERY excited about this, especially our "accompanying" titles. I know To Kill a Mockingbird is somewhat controversial, but we specifically chose it because it was the winner of the … Continue reading My First Community Read

Chronicle Books and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver present A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Dear Readers ~ It is INCREDIBLY rare that I will straight-up share a press release with you, but this one I have deemed incredibly important and worthy of its own post. I have read a digital copy of this book, and given the vital message it is bringing to our youth, and given that the … Continue reading Chronicle Books and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver present A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

February 2018 Picture Book Round Up

It's that time again! Time for me to share my thoughts on a batch of picture books received from publishers for review. One of these books released in January 2018, and all of the rest of them release in either March or April 2018. All of these titles are now being passed on to Kid … Continue reading February 2018 Picture Book Round Up

January 23 2018 Releases

Thanks to the publishers for providing me with complimentary review titles of the books in this post, with a few exceptions. Yup, it's yet ANOTHER fabulous release week with more books than anyone can dream of all coming out on ONE DAY! Covers and links are here, followed by some other bookish happenings in my … Continue reading January 23 2018 Releases

The Best Faculty Meeting Ever

I'm fairly certain I have NEVER said this before, but it really, really was. Today's faculty meeting at my elementary school was the best one EVER. Know why? Because we talked about BOOKS for the majority of the time! Last summer, I had the opportunity to go to NerdCampMI (amazing experience!!) and managed to snag … Continue reading The Best Faculty Meeting Ever

First KidLit Book Round Up of 2018

Friends, I honestly don't remember December. I know I had a lot of meetings, there were some basketball tournaments and concerts, I was sick for half of it and the kids (and dogs) were sick the other half, there was a holiday in there, etc. Suffice to say that I didn't do a December Picture … Continue reading First KidLit Book Round Up of 2018

Picture Books About Being Thoughtful

My school's elementary PBIS theme this month is THOUGHTFUL, so we pulled some titles for teachers to use to reinforce this message. And I'm being THOUGHTFUL by sharing them with the general population 😉 Below is the resource list of the titles I created in Destiny (ignore the interest level - it is WRONG!),  and … Continue reading Picture Books About Being Thoughtful

My Nominations for the 2017 Nerdy Book Club Award

For what it's worth, here is what I nominated! If you want to know more about these book awards, or want to vote yourself, here is the post! Nominations are open through December 17th. For the record, however, there are some categories that it was almost impossible to only choose 5 in. I hate narrowing … Continue reading My Nominations for the 2017 Nerdy Book Club Award

November 2017 Picture Book Roundup

As usual, my monthly round up of reviews for complimentary titles provided to me by publishers or publicists! All finished copies have been donated to my school library and any advance copies were passed along to Kid Lit Exchange. And of course, all opinions are my own. Not Yet PublishedWide-Awake Bear by Pat Zietlow Miller … Continue reading November 2017 Picture Book Roundup

24 Books of Christmas 2017

Well, it's that time of year again! Time to pull out the bin of Christmas books and wrap them up and put them out on the end table (the scratched end table because KIDS) ..........time for our Christmas Book Advent! This is in no way something I invented, but it is a tradition that my … Continue reading 24 Books of Christmas 2017