2018 Reading Stats

So, it's finally time. Time to dig through all my reading numbers from the past year.......... It's the whole reason for my Google Forms Reading Log after all! Honestly, a lot of these surprised me and make me squirm. I am a very, very different reader now than I was in January 2018, and I … Continue reading 2018 Reading Stats

My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

Friends, I shared with you a lot this past year about my different attempts at book logs. From paper to tech, I tried various and somewhat elaborate things. And the one that worked and I fell in love with and want to use forever is my tech version. I'm sorry, paper - I tried. I … Continue reading My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

My new Google Forms Reading Log!

UPDATE 12.27.18 - Here's the UPDATED VERSION of this form for 2019! Hi friends! I'm breaking the hiatus for just a minute here - for ALL of my news, head on over to Instagram as usual. I've also been writing weekly at Frolic.media - if you have missed those, definitely go catch up! Okay, making … Continue reading My new Google Forms Reading Log!

My 2018 Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

I absolutely LOVE the start of a new year! Time to try new things and challenge myself in new ways ~ and yes, these can be done at any time, but the start of a new year is my favorite time to do so. One of the things I have been doing in recent years … Continue reading My 2018 Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

LGBTQIA Recommendations

Long story short, I realized that the vast majority of my grown up reading has been books with male/female romantic relationships. I read WAY more diverse middle grade and YA titles than I do adult, so I reached out to my bookish friends on Instagram for recommendations of books with main characters who identify as … Continue reading LGBTQIA Recommendations

My 2018 Book Journal

UPDATE 12.27.18 - feel free to look around, but please know that I abandoned this journal after 8 months. Here's what I ended up doing instead! People. I am ASHAMED of how many books I read in 2017. I'm not even going to tell you here because I'm too embarrassed, but it's on my Instagram … Continue reading My 2018 Book Journal