A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

I don't want to write a book here, but I do want to do a truncated timeline. My recent step back from social media and screen time has cause a lot of reflection, and I have been trying to pinpoint when things changed for me, with a shift toward public online expression. Here goes: late … Continue reading A Chronology of Life on the Interwebs

My First Community Read

I'm so excited to be hosting my community's first ever community read in collaboration with my local public library branch! I'm sharing this here because I'm VERY excited about this, especially our "accompanying" titles. I know To Kill a Mockingbird is somewhat controversial, but we specifically chose it because it was the winner of the … Continue reading My First Community Read

Blog Hiatus ~ Where to Find Me!

Hello devoted readers! Just popping in to let you know that my blog is going to be on hiatus for awhile to allow for some other things to rise up on my life priority list. However, you'll still be able to see all of my reviews on Instagram and Goodreads as always! (Remember, I always … Continue reading Blog Hiatus ~ Where to Find Me!

A Memorial Day Comfort Read on Frolic.Media

Hello, bookish friends! I'm sharing my thoughts about Memorial Day and a comfort read recommendation on Frolic.media today ~ please do join me over there! If you have missed any of my other Frolic pieces, why not check those out too?  

Books for Your Royal Wedding Hangover on Frolic.media

Okay, fine. That's not the actual post title over there, BUT it's totally how a lot of us feel right now! If you're looking to follow up your royal wedding weekend with some honeymoon and just-married love, head on over to my post on Frolic.media for my recs! If you have missed any of my … Continue reading Books for Your Royal Wedding Hangover on Frolic.media

Spring Thaw 2018 Giveaway!

YOU GUYS!! Despite our epic and record-setting snowfalls here in the fickle state of Wisconsin, we are now finally in the glorious MUD SEASON! Which, for the unaware, is the fabulous time when snow melts and we all start wearing sandals because the temp hits 50 F. Never mind the fact we already HAD this … Continue reading Spring Thaw 2018 Giveaway!

Huge Giveaway! April 7, 2018

Hi bookish friends! Just popping in to let you know I'm running a SEVEN BOOK giveaway right now, and because you were nice enough to pop over to the blog, you can enter right on this post! Scroll down and good luck! All books provided free by publishers for promotional purposes.

5 Books to Read in April on Frolic

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have recently signed on to write bookish features for the new site Frolic and my very first piece is live today ~ 5 Books to Read in April for a New Beginning. Right now I have committed to 2 pieces per month, so stay tuned for all of them as they publish! … Continue reading 5 Books to Read in April on Frolic

No Single Book Defines Me

I just inhaled a book between last night at 8 pm and this morning at 8 am and haven't stopped raving about it since. It's a romance. And it's written around the songs of a country/pop artist. And all the characters are White. And it's COUNTRY. And it's sappy and sentimental and sometimes overly dramatic. … Continue reading No Single Book Defines Me

The Best Faculty Meeting Ever

I'm fairly certain I have NEVER said this before, but it really, really was. Today's faculty meeting at my elementary school was the best one EVER. Know why? Because we talked about BOOKS for the majority of the time! Last summer, I had the opportunity to go to NerdCampMI (amazing experience!!) and managed to snag … Continue reading The Best Faculty Meeting Ever