Critique Services

Critique Services

Authors ~ are you working on your first book? Or have written many but haven’t been able to get them published? Or is your book out there but getting poor reviews or simply not selling?

I would love to take a look at your work (see genre exceptions below) and give you constructive feedback! Not a review, but some professional feedback from a librarian, book reviewer and reader that will help you improve as a writer and make your book the best that it can be. I will read a portion (or all) of your work and give you my (possibly brutal) general opinion of what needs to be changed or improved upon. I will also include my thoughts on your cover design and any illustrations. You can expect a very thorough line-item-detailed critique from me offering input on everything from plot points to transitions to dialogue.

If desired, I will provide you with list of titles to read that are exemplary in the area in which you are struggling.

Why me? Well, I read and review a LOT of books, am a librarian and work with a lot of reviewers and publishers. I also have a business degree. I know what sells. I know what readers want. I know what hooks readers and I know what turns them off.  Consider me a tastemaker and influencer, and while I won’t be promoting your book in this role, I know what you need to do to be highly desirable by readers.

I do NOT offer copyediting services. 

Note: I do NOT work with fantasy or science fiction titles. In addition, for nonfiction work I will offer only readability and graphic design feedback, not auditing of the content’s accuracy.

Reach out to me at theloudlibrarylady at gmail dot com to inquire about working with me and prices ~ I look forward to hearing from you!

In your pitch to me, please include as much information as possible and links to your website, book product page, etc.

All payment will be made via PayPal.

My critiques are not reviews and will be private between myself and the author.


Contact email: theloudlibrarylady at gmail dot com

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