Kid Lit Exchange

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Welcome to the temporary home of the brand-new #kidlitexchange 

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What is #kidlitexchange?

Kid Lit Exchange is a movement that I started with the goal of getting review copies of children’s books into the hands of more willing and able reviewers. I so often hear that reviews are what make or break books, especially by debut authors, so why not work together to spread the word? As reviewers, we love to read books before they are released, and this group eliminates the need for publishers and authors to send galleys to multiple people – send us ONE galley, and we will just keep passing it on for review!

The premise is simple: each reviewer reads a galley, writes a review of 100+ words, posts that review on MULTIPLE sites including, but not limited to:

  • Amazon (upon publication)
  • Goodreads
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Personal blog

See below for requirements for reviewers.

In the future, reviews will also be featured on a Kid Lit Exchange website. 

Who is reviewing for #kidlitexchange?

Teachers, librarians, parents and authors – sometimes with the help of real, live KIDS!

How do I submit a book for review?

Yay!!! Please email Kate Olson at kidlitexchange at gmail dot com – please note that we are only accepting PHYSICAL (paperback or hardcover) galleys for review at this time. We do a lot of our reviewing on Instagram, and physical books do so much better with engagement and community interest. This is better for authors!


#kidlitexchange has a policy of “Integrity, not promotion” and only offers to read books sent to us and provide honest and constructive reviews. However, some reviewers do not believe in publishing negative reviews, so will only publish reviews if they have positive things to say. Submitting your book to our network does not absolutely guarantee anything in return, but we do take all books into serious consideration and all books are offered up to reviewers. Thanks so much for working with us!

How do I apply to be a reviewer?

Thanks for asking! Please fill out this form – make sure to read the below terms very carefully first, though:

1) I am willing to read widely in the kid lit genre
2) I am willing to PAY USPS MEDIA MAIL POSTAGE and provide packaging to mail books to the next reviewer
3) I am willing to read galleys and pass them on to the next reviewer in a timely fashion (2-3 weeks on average)
4) I am willing to write reviews (100 word minimum) for each title and post them on multiple sites (Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, personal blogs, etc) – reviewers MUST have a PUBLIC Instagram and Goodreads account and be willing to post reviews for each book on these sites.
5) I will notify the group ASAP if I am no longer able to accept books for review, and will immediately pass on all review books in my possession to the next reviewer
6) I am willing to dedicate a small amount of time to maintaining the #kidlitexchange database (much more info to come!)
7) I am willing to share the physical kid lit galleys I receive from publishers with this group

Any more questions?

Email Kate Olson at kidlitexchange at gmail dot com