Library Life

I love to share my elementary library lesson plans and resources, and have had great feedback about the format that I use for planning and presentation ~ now I’m sharing them here for the whole wide world to access and use! They aren’t anything wild and crazy or fancy, but I have found my Google Sheets lesson planning doc and my Google Slides agenda/lesson plans work amazingly well for presenting the plans to students and sharing with my staff. We are an elementary school on a Day 1-5 schedule, NOT Monday-Friday, so I need a LOT of help staying organized – these do the trick!

Screenshot 2017-09-29 13.39.55

Feel free to poke around my lesson plans and take a look at my Slides template!

Screenshot 2017-09-29 13.37.50

Elementary Library Lesson Planning Doc (make sure to note the tabs at the bottom!)

Weekly Board Plans – Google Slides agenda I present to my classes (just a weekly example – I do a new one for each week)

If you would like an editable version that you can make a copy of, please just email me at – I love to share, I just also love to know who I’m sharing with!