Fifty Shades of CALM DOWN

(CONTEXT: I asked on Instagram in my stories in a poll if I should read Fifty Shades of Grey since I never had - and things BLEW UP.) Rating: 3 STARS Wow. I honestly thought reading Pride and Prejudice this year would be my literary accomplishment, but nope. This was it. The one I tore … Continue reading Fifty Shades of CALM DOWN

Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018

You all know I adore listening to audiobooks, and along with Sudio (#partner - thx to them for the amazing new Bluetooth ear buds shown throughout the post!), I’m now gifting to you my 20 favorite listens from the past year. I’m WAY pickier about audiobooks than I am paper or digital books, so if … Continue reading Favorite Audiobooks Listened to in 2018

Latest TBR No. 8

WHAT A WEEK!!! I read a bunch of just so-so titles last weekend, but then on Monday and Tuesday I had the absolute privilege of reading a very early manuscript of THIS JULY 2018 book. I totally loved it and can't wait for you all to get to read it next summer too! Then I … Continue reading Latest TBR No. 8

Most Memorable Backlist Titles Read in 2017

Last week I shared with you my most memorable titles that I read in 2017 that were published in 2017 - if you haven't seen that yet, go check it out! Now today, I'm sharing the titles I read in 2017 and LOVED that were published prior to 2017......with a wide range of publication years … Continue reading Most Memorable Backlist Titles Read in 2017

Weekly TBR Edition 7

Yikes, this past week has been busy! Did you catch my Most Memorable Books of 2017 list? If not, head over there ASAP! Due to that monster of a project, I haven't finished quite as many books as usual. For the ones I did read, check out my Goodreads and Instagram! All descriptions straight from … Continue reading Weekly TBR Edition 7

Most Memorable Books of 2017

You have absolutely NO idea how long I have agonized over this list. And how many times it has changed. And here's what I finally decided ~ it does not need to be a "BEST OF 2017" list, because what even is that? Who decides what's best? And in what way? I decided to name … Continue reading Most Memorable Books of 2017

Upcoming TBR Edition 6

You guys! 6 weeks straight! That's pretty amazing for me, I have to say. Especially given how ABSOLUTELY out of control my TBR shelf has gotten. I mean, just look at that picture! And that's prettied up, I promise you. Yikes. Anyway, here is what's on my radar for the coming week - I'm so … Continue reading Upcoming TBR Edition 6

November 2017 Picture Book Roundup

As usual, my monthly round up of reviews for complimentary titles provided to me by publishers or publicists! All finished copies have been donated to my school library and any advance copies were passed along to Kid Lit Exchange. And of course, all opinions are my own. Not Yet PublishedWide-Awake Bear by Pat Zietlow Miller … Continue reading November 2017 Picture Book Roundup

This Week’s TBR Edition 5

Whew, I have read a LOT this past week! In addition to almost all of the books on last week's TBR, I read a fun Thanksgiving cozy mystery, a media favorite that I REALLY didn't like, a family drama that had been sitting on my shelf since I bought it in March, and a title … Continue reading This Week’s TBR Edition 5

Take to the Sky! Here We Are by Olive Jeffers

I am honored to be a part of the blog tour for this book today! I was provided with a complimentary copy of the book to review. Below my review, check out the books I pulled from my elementary library that would be perfect to read alongside HERE WE ARE for the SKY section of … Continue reading Take to the Sky! Here We Are by Olive Jeffers