My First Community Read

I'm so excited to be hosting my community's first ever community read in collaboration with my local public library branch! I'm sharing this here because I'm VERY excited about this, especially our "accompanying" titles. I know To Kill a Mockingbird is somewhat controversial, but we specifically chose it because it was the winner of the … Continue reading My First Community Read

February 2018 Picture Book Round Up

It's that time again! Time for me to share my thoughts on a batch of picture books received from publishers for review. One of these books released in January 2018, and all of the rest of them release in either March or April 2018. All of these titles are now being passed on to Kid … Continue reading February 2018 Picture Book Round Up

Picture Books About Being Thoughtful

My school's elementary PBIS theme this month is THOUGHTFUL, so we pulled some titles for teachers to use to reinforce this message. And I'm being THOUGHTFUL by sharing them with the general population 😉 Below is the resource list of the titles I created in Destiny (ignore the interest level - it is WRONG!),  and … Continue reading Picture Books About Being Thoughtful