2018 Reading Stats

So, it's finally time. Time to dig through all my reading numbers from the past year.......... It's the whole reason for my Google Forms Reading Log after all! Honestly, a lot of these surprised me and make me squirm. I am a very, very different reader now than I was in January 2018, and I … Continue reading 2018 Reading Stats

My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

Friends, I shared with you a lot this past year about my different attempts at book logs. From paper to tech, I tried various and somewhat elaborate things. And the one that worked and I fell in love with and want to use forever is my tech version. I'm sorry, paper - I tried. I … Continue reading My 2019 Google Forms Reading Log

Making Time To Read

So, here is the question I get the very most from my bookish friends on Instagram: How do you have time to read SO MUCH??? And here's my dirty little secret..........I don't HAVE the time. I MAKE the time. My best friend and I have had this conversation a lot about life in general and … Continue reading Making Time To Read